Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

Free sheet music: find pdf here

ed sheeran - thinking out loud_0001

1/3 Thinking out loud

ed sheeran - thinking out loud_0002

2/3 Thinking out loud

ed sheeran - thinking out loud_0003

3/3 Thinking out loud

This song is the reason I’ve started this blog. I heard it on the radio about a year ago and it immediately caught my eye… or ear?!  Of course the next step was: find the song! It wasn’t hard because the song is catchy and the lyrcis, well… everything a girl wants to hear from her man. After I’ve watched the official video, I was surprised because I didn’t expect that this awesome voice belongs to ginger man, named Ed (by the way, he dressed as a ginger man, good one). The dance choreography is really cool and I just love those lifts and passion and little details (such as leg guitar, spotlight heart, etc.).

A week ago the search for sheet music wasn’t very successful. While I was playing unsatisfying piano arrangement, great idea popped into my head – I should write sheet music and I  should start thinking out loud. So here we are, with my first post.

Let me finish with a question: What is it about Ed’s song, that’s so delightful, is it a melody, harmony, rhythm, lyrics or his voice? For me it would definitely be the melody and his voice.


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